Hi. I’m Nathan, a smart-ass who does magic shows.

I combine sleight-of-hand magic, stand-up comedy, dangerous tricks, stupid stunts, immature pranks, and hilarious (and unpredictable) audience interaction into one of the very few magic shows on the face of the planet that is both geared for adults AND funny.

Whether I’m at a comedy club, a biker bar, or a corporate event, I’m all about making adult parties and events FUN.

As you can see in the video…

People Seem To Like What I Do

“Star entertainment! Nathan has a long list of performances under his belt, using humor and improvisation to give life to his magic act.”

Inside Magic
Los Angeles, California

“Our customers are still talking about the show! This was one of the best nights we’ve ever had!”

Sleepy’s Bar & Grill
Bluffs, Illinois

“Action-packed! Funny and unpredictable!”

Iowa Emergency Management Association
Des Moines, Iowa

“Very funny, fast-paced, and leaves you wondering ‘How the hell did he do that!?’”

Boxcars Pub & Grub
Clinton, Wisconsin

“Off-the-wall, yet down-to-earth… A crowd favorite of adults who work hard and play hard!”

Happenings Magazine
Kenosha, Wisconsin

“Captivating… Hilarious… A hard act to follow!”

The Postville Herald
Postville, Iowa

“He was a definite hit! The students were talking about his magic show for an entire week!”

University of Iowa
Iowa City, Iowa

“You did an awesome job… The show was very funny and we loved the audience participation!”

Iowa Corrections Association
Waterloo, Iowa

“An excellent show featuring comedy and seamless magic!”

The Outlook
Monona, Iowa

“An adults-only comedy magician… sarcastic and funny… perfect for a company party!”

Poet Biorefining
Emmetsburg, Iowa

“We’ve never had as many people gather for the entertainment at our convention!”

Land Improvement Contractors Association
Des Moines, Iowa

“Now THAT was fun!”

Behind The Bricks
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Fantastic show!!! This guy is one talented, FUNNY guy. Yes, he is “adults only” but very accommodating to the type of crowd and doesn’t drop the ‘f-bomb’ like a comma. If you’re hesitating on booking Nathan – DON’T HESITATE; Get him for your event! He’s definitely a crowd-pleaser that your audience will enjoy… Only problem is your face will hurt from laughing so hard!”

Audubon Golf & Country Club
Audubon, Iowa

“Your show was enjoyed by absolutely EVERYONE! (And that is VERY hard to do!)… How are we EVER going to top that act next year?!”

Milbank Area Hospital
Milbank, South Dakota

“Knocked it out of the ballpark!… The show was so great, people are still talking about it seven months later!”

Fraternal Order of Eagles
Azusa, California

“A must see! Everyone loved Nathan’s humor and were mystified by his magic – and the audience participation was a HOOT! Everyone said it was the best event EVER, and that it will be hard to top. Very high quality entertainment!”

Spring Lake Inn
Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin

“A laugh-filled night with a wild and edgy magician!”

Seattle Performs
Seattle, Washington

“An exciting time!”

The Gazette
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“Funny, fast moving, unique, and very entertaining!”

Vetesnik Power Sports
Richland Center, Wisconsin

“Edgy, funny comedy and magic at its best!”

Naturally Funny Entertainment
Chicago, Illinois

“A LOT more laughs than a typical magic show!”

Juice Magazine
Des Moines, Iowa

“Awesome show! …Very entertaining, professional, and hilarious… His mix of comedy and magic was outstanding! …His offbeat humor was great, and his illusions impressed everyone… I couldn’t stop laughing… I even had a couple tell me that they had tears rolling down their faces!”

Charter Communications
Kearney, Nebraska

“We have never had as many compliments on our party as we did this year, thanks to you!  Thanks for making our party a success!”

Roskamp Champion
Waterloo, Iowa

“Nathan left every student laughing and even encouraged a little critical thinking! A really great show!”

Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa

“Great entertainment – Hilarious, tons of laughs, and the magic is amazing! Nathan got shy people out of their shells, and had everyone – from younger staff to older directors – laughing hysterically!”

CBIZ Financial Services
Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Insanely hilarious, witty, and fun! This guy had our group CRYING from laughter!”

Havana National Bank
Havana, Illinois

“Nathan delivers a pro act!”

Hot Fudge Music
Cedar Falls, Iowa

Professional, Vegas-Quality Entertainment... Right Here In The Midwest!

funny-magic-show-for-adults-in-iowaAlthough I travel and entertain throughout America, I'm based out of Iowa, and most of my gigs are right here in the Midwest.

This means if you're looking to book professional entertainment for an event in the Midwest, you will not have to spend an arm and a leg flying someone in - I'm already here!

And if you want to attend one of my public shows here in the Midwest, this means ticket prices are gonna be reasonable, too!

Thousands Of Performances

Entertainer 20+ Years - Since 1996Even though my show was QUITE a bit different back then, I actually did my first paid magic show when I was just 12 years old. Now, at the age of 34, I have a long list of performances under my belt. A few of my past appearances include...

Edgy, Funny, And For Adults... Without Being Gross Or Offensive

funny-magic-show-for-adults-in-iowaUnlike most magicians (who primarily just do kid shows), I perform only for adult crowds.

The show is naughty and funny (it's often described as "a comedian doing a magic show"), but is NOT over-the-top offensive or obscene.

I do NOT rant about religion, politics, race, or gender, I do NOT tell gross stories, and I do NOT get naked onstage or anything, lol...  BUT...  there is humor, language, references, innuendo, and dangerous-looking tricks which are not appropriate for kiddos (this is why I perform at places like company parties and nightclubs... NOT churches and schools).

(If my live show were a movie, it would probably be rated either "PG-13" or "R," depending on the particular audience I'm entertaining on any given night.)

Any Questions So Far?

Is 'Tricky' *really* your middle name?
Tricky Is My Middle Name
What sets you apart from other magicians?

The unfortunate truth is, when most people hear "magician," they think "lame," "boring," and "cheesy."  I get it.

This is because many magicians...

  • 🙄 ...are so focused on doing their TRICKS that they forget to entertain the audience...
  • 🙄 ...take themselves SO SERIOUSLY that they're not very fun to watch... or...
  • 🙄 ...act SO CORNY that only little KIDS find them amusing.

Whatever. To each his own.  But I Do Things a Little Differently:

  • 👍 My focus is on having fun with the audience, not on the tricks,
  • 🤪 I do not take myself seriously (probably to a fault), and...
  • 🍺 the show is not for kids.

I just wanted to be clear: if you come to my show hoping to see Silly Willy The Birthday Magician, you're gonna have a bad time, lol.

What is your show all about?
The show is basically part magician, and part comedian. I perform “Comedy Magic,” which combines elements of sleight-of-hand, stage magic, stand-up comedy, and audience participation. Unlike most magicians, my particular show is for adults, because it's funny and naughty. I've been told my show is closer in tone to a comedian than to a magician.
How did you do that?
It's Magic
Exactly how “naughty” is your show? / Can I bring the kids?
Unlike most magicians, I do not do a kid show.

My show is naughty, funny, and geared for adults.  It contains humor, innuendo, language, references, and some dangerous-looking tricks which are not appropriate for the kiddos.  In fact, many of the events and venues I work at have 18+ or 21+ age restrictions.  I'm certainly no "Silly Willy The Birthday Clown."

But I'm also not some "Filthy McNasty The X-Rated Comedian" either... My show is NOT over-the-top raunchy or obscene;  There is NO nudity, NO explicit or disgusting stories, and NO hate-filled rants about religion, race, politics, gender, or sexual orientation.

Exactly how "edgy" any particular show is depends upon the event and the audience on any given night (I'm usually a bit tamer at a corporate event than at a comedy club, for example), but, in general, my show is NOT for kids for these three reasons:

  1. I do tricks & stunts you would not want a child to try at home (razor blades, broken glass, etc.)...
  2. Children wouldn’t understand much of the humor and references in my show, and because so much of what I do is comedy-based, this means the show simply wouldn't be very entertaining to a kid.
  3. Many adults don’t feel comfortable laughing at adult humor, references, and innuendo while in the presence of a child... Even though these jokes go "over the heads" of children anyway, many adults in the audience still tense up when there are children present... and when people are uncomfortable and afraid to laugh, everyone's enjoyment of the show suffers.

So... to sum it all up:  No, don't bring the kiddos.  Book a sitter and come out for a fun night.  Nobody will be traumatized, and you'll have a great time.  See ya soon!

Can you make someone disappear for me?
But do you need it to look like an accident?
Because that'll cost extra.
So… Are you a magician? Or a comedian?
Both, and neither… I like to think of myself as a magician, but after a show recently a guy said I was “75% comedian and 25% magician.” So I could be wrong. Here’s the sad truth: Most comedians don’t claim me because of the magic, and most magicians don’t claim me because of the comedy.
What's up your sleeve?
I have nothing up my sleeve.
Do you use any audience participation?
Yeah! All throughout the entire show! My comedy-magic show is VERY interactive. People love to see "one of their own" brought onstage to become part of the comedy show. And it’s all in good fun, so grab a seat up front and center!
What size of crowds do you usually entertain?
I've performed as a comedy-magician for as few as 8 people, and as many as 1,300 (not including TV appearances and millions of views on YouTube). But *MOST* of my crowds for live shows are typically between about 75 and 200 people, which is the perfect size group for my hybrid stand-up comedy / magic show.
For what type of events do you perform?
I've provided entertainment for… Banquet Events, Bars, Beer Gardens, Casinos, Christmas Parties, Colleges, Comedy Clubs, Comedy Nights, Company Events, Company Parties, Conventions, Corporate Events, Corporate Parties, Country Clubs, Festivals, Fraternal Organizations, Fundraisers, Golf Courses, Halloween Parties, Holiday Parties, Motorcycle/Biker Rallies, New Year's Eve Parties, Nightclubs, Office Parties, Private Parties, Public Events, Pubs, Resorts, Taverns, Theaters, etc. Pretty much any place where adults are free to have fun.
How long is your show?
The exact duration of the show depends on the particular event for which I’ve been hired to perform, but most of my performances are a solid hour, give or take a few minutes (the exact duration always varies a bit because I use so much audience participation).
Hey, can you pull a quarter out of my kid's ear?
Call. The. Doctor.
Where are you from, and how far do you travel?
I travel as a comedian/magician nationwide, but am based in Iowa, so obviously I get around to Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Sioux City, Iowa City, Waterloo, Ames, Dubuque, Fort Dodge, and Mason City all the time. I also frequently get invited to perform in the surrounding Midwestern states of Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin... but in the past several years, I've also started to go nationwide, which is fun. And I enjoy traveling, so don't hesitate to say hello if you'd like to fly me out to Las Vegas or Los Angeles to entertain. Especially during the winter months. Goddamn I hate snow.
How much will it cost to book you for my event?
Because so many varying factors are involved in what I do (travel requirements, technical production, audience size, content customization), it's impossible for me to provide a "one size fits all" price.  The exact fee for my show mostly depends on location and routing (if your event is held on a date and in a city that's on the way to or from other gigs, the expenses will obviously be much lower than if your event requires dedicated ten-hour drives each way, the day before and after, or if there will be airfare and I have to hire sound & lights locally, etc.). I'm definitely not the cheapest, but if you're looking for a comedy-magician who can really get the job done and blow away an adult audience, go ahead and contact me about your event now.

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Hope to see you soon!

Nathan Tricky Allen
Magician / Comedian
Iowa, USA