Magician / Comedian Nathan Tricky Allen performs hilarious, interactive Comedy-Magic Shows for adult crowds at corporate events, private parties, and nightclubs.

iowa comedian iowa magician nathan tricky allenHi.  I’m Nathan Tricky Allen, the Comedian / Magician from The Entertainment Capital Of The World… Iowa.

As a full-time professional Magician / Comedian, I travel around, bringing entertainment to adult audiences at company parties, nightclubs, corporate events, and private get-togethers, in Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and all across the Midwest (and recently, coast to coast!).

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As You Can See, I've Been Around The Block a Time Or Two.

I did my first paid show when I was just 12 years old, and since then I've entertained literally THOUSANDS of audiences.

I’ve entertained at big fancy corporate conventions, and private garage parties... from doctors and lawyers, to farmers & factory workers... from cops and politicians, to bikers and hippies... from uppity gated country clubs, to hole-in-the-wall neighborhood bars, nightclubs, saloons, and roadhouses.


They also put me on television a few times.


It wasn't any "big deal" stuff, but I'm proud because I got on TV withOUT being chased by the police, which is a "first" in my family.

Why I Perform For Company Parties And Nightclubs... And Not Churches & Schools

Let's be honest. Most magicians do "kid" shows. Sure, they SAY their shows are "for everyone," but don't be fooled.

My show and style, on the other hand, is for ADULTS ONLY.  I'm not "Silly Willy The Birthday Magician."  But I'm also not "Filthy McNasty The Shock-Comic."

I do NOT tell nauseating raunchy stories, and I do NOT do ANY hurtful or discriminatory material regarding race, religion, politics, gender, or orientation… (and I do not strip off my clothes onstage or anything)... but there *IS* humor, innuendo, referenceslanguage, and dangerous-looking tricks which are not appropriate for the kiddos.

My show is FUNnaughtyfunny, and for adults... but is NOT disgusting or offensive. It's perfect for things like blue-collar company parties, and neighborhood bars and nightclubs. Churches and schools? Not so much.

Any Questions So Far?

Is 'Tricky' REALLY your middle name?
Yup.Tricky Is My Middle Name
How did you do that?
It's Magic
What is your show like?
The show is basically part magician, and part comedian. I perform “Comedy Magic,” which combines elements of sleight-of-hand, stage magic, stand-up comedy, and audience participation. Unlike most magicians, my particular show is for adults, because it's funny and naughty. I've been told my show is closer in tone to a comedian than to a magician.
Exactly how “naughty” are your comedy/magic shows?
Well… I’m no “Silly Willy The Birthday Magician,” but then again, I’m not “Filthy McNasty The X-Rated Comedian,” either. It’s funny, edgy, and for adult audiences, but is NOT gross, obscene, or offensive. It’s fun. If my live show were a movie, it would probably be rated either "PG-13" or "R," depending on the event and audience I'm entertaining on any given night.
So… Are you a magician? Or a comedian?
Both, and neither… I like to think of myself as a magician, but after a show recently a guy said I was “75% comedian and 25% magician.” So I could be wrong. Here’s the sad truth: Most comedians don’t claim me because of the magic, and most magicians don’t claim me because of the comedy.
What do you have up your sleeve?
I have nothing up my sleeve.(I got that tattoo so I could *HONESTLY* say "I have nothing up my sleeve."
Do you use audience participation?
Yeah! All throughout the entire show! My comedy-magic show is VERY interactive. People love to see "one of their own" brought onstage to become part of the comedy show. And it’s all in good fun, so grab a seat up front and center!
Can you make someone disappear for me?
Sure. But do you need it to look like an accident? Because that costs extra.
What size of crowds do you usually entertain?
I've performed as a comedy-magician for as few as 8 people, and as many as 1,300 (not including TV appearances and millions of views on YouTube). But *MOST* of my crowds for live shows are typically between about 75 and 200 people, which is the perfect size group for my hybrid stand-up comedy / magic show.
For what type of events do you perform? How long is your show?
The exact duration of the show depends on the particular event for which I’ve been hired to perform, but 90% of my performances are a solid hour, give or take a few minutes (the exact duration always varies a bit because I use so much audience participation).
Can you pull a coin out of my ear?
You should probably go see a doctor about that.
Where are you from, and how far do you travel?
I travel as a comedian/magician nationwide, but am based in Iowa, so obviously I get around to Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Sioux City, Iowa City, Waterloo, Ames, Dubuque, Fort Dodge, and Mason City all the time. I also frequently get invited to perform in the surrounding Midwestern states of Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin... but in the past several years, I've also started to go nationwide, which is fun. And I enjoy traveling, so don't hesitate to say hello if you'd like to fly me out to Las Vegas or Los Angeles to entertain. Especially during the winter months. Goddamn I hate snow.
How much will it cost to book you for my event?
The exact fee for my magician/comedian show mostly depends on location and routing (if your event is held on a date and in a city that's on the way to or from other gigs, the expenses will obviously be much lower than if your event requires dedicated ten-hour drives each way, the day before and after, or if there will be airfare, etc.). I'm definitely not the cheapest, but if you're looking for a comedy-magician who can really get the job done and blow away an adult audience, go ahead and contact me about your event now.
How do I book you for my party or event?
Just CLICK HERE and fill out the quick form.

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