2 interviews, 2 shows

Greetings, my lovelies.

Are you having fun with the Zombie Apocalypse radio broadcast prank?

I have two new interview videos for you:

“Inside The Magicians Studio” interview w/ Nathan Allen (57:13)
I was recently interviewed by my long-time magician friend, Jonathan May (http://JMayMagic.com) à la “Inside The Actors Studio” (only for magicians), before a live audience of magicians and magic enthusiasts (professionals, part-timers, hobbyists, and amateurs), at a club meeting of The International Brotherhood of Magicians (http://Magician.org), ring #167 in Des Moines, Iowa (http://JustoHijo.com). Here’s the video:


Most Awkward Interview Ever? Magician Nathan Allen & Comedian Jer-Dog on “The Chris Brake Show” (14:39)
It started off with me missing the phone call from the show while they were live, on the air, and it just got rockier from there. We chatted about the meaning of teardrop tattoos, The Masked Magician, getting DUIs in the middle of nowhere, why magicians can’t get laid, the zombie apocalypse, etc. … with plenty of awkward silences. Check it out:

Also, Jer-Dog and I have two shows coming up in Iowa this weekend:

Friday, October 24, 2014 – Denison, IA

Saturday, October 25, 2014 – Panama, IA

The Oct 25th gig in Panama is already sold out (and has been for quite some time), but maybe you can show up and hang out and we’ll sneak you in if you’re cool.

We also have some other public shows coming up this year. Check out http://DirtyJokesAndMagicTricks.com for locations and dates.

Hope to see you soon!

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