A Few Of The Different Types Of Magicians & Magic Shows, According To Nathan Allen

just-stop> “CLOSE-UP MAGIC” is where you sneak up on them before they realize you’re a magician. Example: Restaurant; the patrons think you are the restaurant manager, approaching their table to ask about the quality of their experience and meal. Suddenly, “pick a card.”

> “BIRTHDAY PARTY MAGIC” is a show you booked because the clown was unavailable, Walmart was sold out of piñatas, and they couldn’t quite afford a bounce house.

> “PARLOR MAGIC” is where you have them cornered in a confined space. Example: Office Parties; the audience couldn’t leave if they wanted to (and they DO want to), because the CEO is watching. Plus, they HAVE to sit through this bullshit if they want any of the prizes and give-aways at the end of the night.

> “COMEDY MAGIC” is when you wear a colorful jacket-and-tie combo, have no idea how to write a joke, and think “not completing a trick” + “being an asshole” = “funny” (Pro-Tip: if you see a magic show that is neither amazing nor funny, you can be sure it was booked as a “comedy magic show”).

> “STAGE MAGIC SHOW” is where you’ve booked a gig by promising “a Vegas-style show” because you have some sparkly boxes, maybe a couple doves, and a girlfriend or little sister who is willing to trade dignity for attention by climbing in and out of boxes while wearing a skirt that’s too short.

I’m Nathan Allen, and I approve this message.
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