Due to a number of reasons, I’m slowly but surely going through a bit of “re-branding,” and that means I have some shiny new links for you.

Oh, and a Las Vegas phone number, too, simply because I can.

Still living in Iowa, though.

Because, ya know, “Iowa nice.”

Heeeeere we go…

New Website URL:
(My former website address, ManiacOfMagic.com, will continue to forward to this new location for awhile.)

New Facebook URL:
(formerly @maniacofmagic)

New YouTube URL:
(formerly @themaniacofmagic)

New Twitter URL:
(formerly @maniac_of_magic)

New Phone #:
702-900-4008 (Vegas, baybee!)
(If you are one of the lucky few who have my “515” cell number, that will remain the same.  I set up this new one to be used as a publicly-available “office” number, as I know many people prefer to communicate on the phone, but I didn’t want my personal cell number “out there” all willy-nilly… if that sounds paranoid and cagey, that’s probably because I am paranoid and cagey.)

New Email:
(former email, Nathan@ManiacOfMagic.com will remain active for awhile also, but if I’m in your address book, go ahead and update it to the new one).

So… Why the hell would I do all this?  Ehhh… I’ll explain later.  Maybe.  There are several reasons, but it’s too damn early to write an essay right now.

So update my contact info in your files, and keep in touch.

You never call, you never write.


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