Chuck E. Cheese gave my family The Mark Of The Beast (666)… and I couldn’t be happier.

There’s a pizza place / arcade / prizes / generally annoying-as-fuck franchise called Chuck E. Cheese’s.  My family visited the one in La Crosse (Wisconsin) recently.  Not my choice, but the kids loved it.

To help deter child-abductions, each family is marked with a special only-visible-under-blacklight number-stamp as they enter, and everyone is checked as they exit (if the kid’s number matches the adult’s number, you’re good to go… if they’re different numbers, you’re in trouble).

It’s a pretty good system.

I didn’t know during our whole visit – not until our arms were checked with the blacklight as we left – but check this out…  This was my family’s number:

Chuck E Cheese family identification number 666

We were all stamped with “the mark of the beast,” 666.

This brought me great joy.

Yes, that’s right-side-up.  No, it wasn’t 999 (I thought it was hilarious so I made sure to ask).

It’s the little things.


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