Keep Your Beer Cold In a Moderately Humorous Way

Is it… Coozie? or Koozie? or Huggie?

Whatever you call it… qoozie, bawdle, beach, beer hugger, beer huggie, beer rubber, beer sleeve, bottle jacket, can cooler, candom, coastie, coldy-holdy, coozie, coozy, kolder, koozie, holder, scungi, coolie, cozy, drink sheath, insulated can holder, lovely pupper, mopler, stubby cooler, stubby holder, or tin can tauntaun…

…I have one that you need.

One side reads “For My Next Trick I’m Gonna Make This Beer Disappear” (in Harry Potter font – please don’t tell Warner Brothers), and the other side is my logo and website.  White screen-print on black.

It’s is 4mm polyurethane foam for premium insulation of most 12 oz. cans and bottles – including “tall boys.”  And they fold flat so they easily fit in your pocket or purse.

Get two of them for just 5 bucks.  Free shipping.

Because I’m awesome.

And you’re awesome.

We’re all awesome.

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(2) can coozies.
Five bucks.
Free shipping.