Dear Magicians (RE: Rabbits Out Of Top Hats)

Dear Magicians:

Please stop pulling rabbits out of top hats. In 1814, the French magician Comte (1788-1859) became the first magician on record to pull a white rabbit out of a top hat. John Henry Anderson (1814-1874) is also widely recognized as one of the first magicians to pull rabbits from top hats.

But here’s the thing… these guys were using top hats because they were NORMAL attire for gentlemen at the time and, therefore, NATURAL props. The ENTIRE POINT of that effect was one of SURPRISE: “Yup, just an ordinary hat – HOLY FUCK A RABBIT.”

BUT… Today, top hats are no longer an everyday item.

If an audience sees a magician take out a top hat, they KNOW what’s gonna happen. The whole premise of that trick (everyday item / unexpected surprise) is shot to shit.

There’s a reason why, in 2014, top hats are so heavily associated with magicians (and vice versa); WE’RE THE ONLY DOUCHEBAGS WHO OWN THEM.

So, unless you’re performing a nostalgic old-timey act or period piece, please, stop pulling rabbits out of top hats. If you really feel the need to pull something out of something else… pull your head out of your ass.

– Nathan Allen

magician pulling rabbit out of hat

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