Fast Facts

Name:  Nathan Tricky Allen, a.k.a. “The Maniac of Magic”

Occupation:  Comedian / Magician

Type of Show:  Funny Magic Show (or “Comedy-Magic”); a combination of sleight-of-hand, stage magic, stand-up comedy, and audience interaction.

Duration of Show:  Depends on the event, but typically one hour when I do my solo show, or 90-120 minutes with an opening act(s).

Content / Age Restriction:  Show is for adults, and many of the performance venues have a 21+ age restriction due to alcohol sales.  My show is edgy, kinda naughty, and very funny – although NOT gross, obscene, or offensive – and has been well-received at both corporate events and nightclubs.

Typical Audience Size:  The majority of performances are for 100-200 people, depending on the event and venue.

Typical Events / Venues:   Bars & Nightclubs, Casinos, Colleges & Universities, Comedy Clubs, Company Parties, Conventions, Corporate Events, Country Clubs & Golf Courses, Festivals, Motorcycle/Biker Rallies, Private Parties, Theaters

Location / Travel Distance:  Based in northeast Iowa, and available nationwide, with the majority of engagements being in Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, and Illinois.

Set-Up Space Required:  About the same space as a small band requires.  I have far less gear, but I can’t just stand in one spot like a guitar player does.  My show has a lot of energy and movement, plus I use a lot of onstage audience participation throughout the show.

Booking Cost:  Varies widely depending on event, date, routing, travel requirements, technical production requirements, and customization requests.  Generally not the cheapest, but certainly a big bang for your buck.