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WTF IS THIS SHIT - Nathan Allen, The Maniac of Magic - Comedian Magician Entertainer Entertainment  - Des Moines, Iowa

“Hi Nathan, I have been a magician since I was seven yrs old and here Iam going on 28 im not a professional magician thouhg like you and others I do mine in small croweds although I wouldn’t mind doing it for a profession if I knew how to get info. anyways im writting to ask you if you also sell magic tricks in your shop? so I could come and visit you and if it is what Im looking for I might even invest in them but I will need your number and address think you for your time. I know you have a lot on your time table and I appreciate for taking the time to answer my questions. however I do have one reqerust to ask of you and that is can you help me find leads or even gigs to become a professional magician like I mentioned before this has been a childhood dream ever since I was seven yrs. old. I love to do magic for many reasons 1) becuase it’s fun and exciting. 2) I love the attention and energy I get with the crowd. And 3) I love knowing something that others don’t. Iam what insiders would call a geek magician because I love to do geek magic powerful effects that happens right in front and that grasps the mind of my audance. you can be surten that I am vary serious about doing magic and I been around for awhile my name is not big because I havent made a real big effort to get where I want to be with my talent in the magic world. Because at first I wasn’t vary concern trying to make it big with magic however in time and the more I did magic for people out on the streets I have growen some attacthment to it from the reacton that it gets, its that blast of energy that you get from the crowd that get you serious about magic and the attention of feeling like you are something of importance in this world but that’s not why Im doing it however I must be honest with you Im not a big fan of books never have been and never will be. Im on a low income that stops me from getting more tricks and struclling in this econimy the way that it is but I am getting more and when I have reached my goals and ready to make my name big I will continue doing what I know best and that’s internating people I got a few people who already know me a little bit and knows what I do and they are taking advantage of my talent which is awsome God bless. I mostly do street magic I did a kid show at a libary once and I loved it I knew right then and there where the real magic was as our Lord Jesus Christ tells us to come unto him as a child and I couldn’t agree more why not teach kids or adults at all ages the true message of Jesus Christ other then through the gift the God gave us rather it be through laughter or illustions even the great word tells us that laughter is like a mediciane and we are commanded not to neglect that gift so if you could help a brother out that would cool God bless.”

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