This is a sample “introduction,” for introducing me to the audience at the beginning of the show.

In some cases, I can introduce myself, but if the structure of the show/event is such that it would be “smoother” for an emcee or another entertainer/speaker to introduce me, use this (either verbatim, or as a guideline for inspiration).

Stage Introduction - Nathan Tricky Allen
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“What you’re about to see is not a normal magic show. It’s funny… it’s crazy… and it might freak you out.

NATHAN TRICKY ALLEN performs across America, from comedy clubs, to biker bars, to Fortune 500 events, and his videos online have been seen by MILLIONS.


He is Part Magician
Part Comedian
and Totally Dysfunctional


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This is just a sample introduction for the beginning of the show.
It does not have to be verbatim, so don’t stress about the details.
The most important things to remember when introducing an entertainer are:

  1. Get the audience’s attention,
  2. Tell them how awesome the show’s gonna be, and
  3. Get them to clap, to kick the show off with energy.

If you have any questions, just ask.