This Scammer Tried To Sell Me Tickets To See… ME.

First… a Public Service Announcement:

Oftentimes, if you’ve posted or shared about a live entertainment event online (whether it’s a concert, circus, comedy, magic, theater, festival, etc.), someone you don’t know will pop up, offering to sell you their tickets to the event because “they bought them but are now unable to attend.”

99% of the time, this is a scam.

Buyer beware.

If you do get scammed, there is nothing the venue, promoter, producer, or entertainer can do for you.

Always buy directly from the official channels provided by the venue / entertainer.

Anyway, here I am wasting the time of one such scammer. Why?  Because every minute they’re dealing with ME, they’re not trying to scam anyone else.

Also, this stupid fuck didn’t realize that they were trying to sell me tickets to see ME.


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