leaked footage of my AGT auditions (and why it’s not for me)

In my travels, a lot of people tell me I should audition for America’s Got Talent. So… here are some secret clips:


But, real talk…

I have no interest in auditioning for America’s Got Talent. I keep pretty busy doing actual REAL live shows, and besides, I’m not exactly the right type of act for their prime-time family-friendly demographics.

My audience is more “blue collar folks who want to have a few beers and laugh their asses off” (company parties, comedy clubs, etc.), and NOT families sitting around watching mind-numbing, vanilla television.

Plus, there are just too many “behind the scenes” horror stories of producers micro-managing what the entertainers do.

Make no mistake about it: America’s Got Talent is *NOT* a legit talent competition; it’s “reality TV.” And, sorry to burst your bubble, but most “reality TV” is not reality at all: See Reality TV hoaxes you fell for and Proof America’s Got Talent is totally fake

Here’s a quick sneak-peek behind the scenes… This particular video focuses on “Britain’s Got Talent,” but I promise you – the modus operandi is the same for America’s Got Talent.

I can confirm, first-hand, some of the points raised above.

Before I realized how much of a “rigged” show this is, I used to think it would be a good idea.

So I accepted their invitations to “audition.”



For two different years, I was one of those acts that were recruited for the show.

I didn’t have to wait in line, wishing & hoping & praying that my number would be drawn…

Nope. We had an appointment.

I got to sleep in, take my time enjoying coffee in the morning, answer a few emails, take a long shower, hop in the car, show up at the audition venue, and get escorted by the staff right past everyone else – right past the “cattle call” massive crowds of folks who had waited for HOURS hoping to get their 15 minutes of fame – straight to the auditioning room for the producers.

Both years I accepted these invitations, I could TOTALLY see through the post-act questions they were asking. They liked my performances (of course – as they had seen videos of me online and specifically reached out to me with an invitation), but then the follow-up questions were pretty blatantly fishing for some type of “sob story” or unique human-interest angle.

That’s just not my jam, man. I’d rather just entertain for the sake of entertaining; I don’t need any damn sympathy.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The backstories are often either exaggerated or total bullshit, they can portray the performer however they want (even as a sacrificial act to mock – even if the actual performance was solid), material is watered-down, the performers don’t get creative control over which routines they perform (or how they’re edited), the audiences are filled with “plants” who orchestrate audience reactions, they treat most of their performers like dogshit, and the producers can choose any act they want by any means they want (i.e. your vote doesn’t matter).

What REALLY Goes On Behind The Scenes On ‘America’s Got Talent’

And I’m not even gonna get into THIS bullshit:

Oh – I’m told that I DID actually appear on one episode… apparently I was walking out of one of my auditions but had my nose buried in my phone typing an email to book an ACTUAL real show… and walked right past the host, Nick Cannon, as he raised his hand to give me a high-five.

Lol. I left the host hangin’.

I didn’t see the clip. I don’t even own a television.

Not because of my minimalist, anti-consumeristic tendencies, though. I don’t own a television because… this:

THE RING SAMARA – Nathan Allen, The Maniac of Magic – Comedian Magician Entertainer Entertainment – Des Moines, Iowa

But I digress.

In summation… No.  I have no interest in AGT.  I’m not playing their game, and I’ve turned down their subsequent recruitment invitations.

I’ll take a real live audience of real people any day over that contrived B.S.

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