The publicity and production materials on this page are for the folks who are involved in making shows and events happen: clients, producers, venue staff, sound & light techs, emcees, members of the press & media, etc.

If you need something that’s not already posted here, just contact me and ask.


Technical Details

This is my “Technical Details” document, for anybody involved in the technical production of the event (producers, venue staff, stagehands, sound & light techs, etc.). It explains what I need to do my job properly, so I can give your audience the best show possible. The topics covered are… arrival time, parking, stage requirements, electrical needs, sound & lighting, seating/table layout, and more. A must-read if you’ve booked me to perform at your event or venue.

Technical Details


Billing Guidelines

  • NAME:     Please use my full name, Nathan Tricky Allen. Oh, and including “quotation marks” around my middle name, Tricky, is not necessary, because Tricky is not a nickname or a moniker; Nathan Tricky Allen is, legit, for realz, not even kidding, my ACTUAL legal name.
  • DESCRIPTION:     Please do not publicize the show as ONLY comedy or ONLY magic. Please describe it along the lines of “Comedy Magic”, “Comedy-Magician”, “Comedian / Magician”, or “Comic Magician” (both comedy and magic should be mentioned). A good way to do this is to use my tagline, “Part Magician. Part Comedian. Totally Dysfunctional.”
  • RATING:     It should be made clear that the show is not suitable for children, but do NOT imply that the show is gonna be “X-rated” (it’s edgy, funny, and for adults – but is NOT gross, disgusting, or offensive… there’s NO nudity and NO over-the-top graphic stories). There’s no real “rating” system for live entertainment, but if there were, most of my shows would probably be roughly rated a “hard PG-13” or a “soft R” (depending on the venue/crowd/event), to give you an idea.



This is my current live-show poster. The blank white space near the bottom is for you to include the details of your event (date, showtime, location, ticket info, etc.). Both versions (the PNG image, and the printable PDF document) are in the classic 11″x17″ poster size.

Posters - Nathan Tricky Allen



In the entertainment industry, a one-sheet is a single document that summarizes a show or entertainer. This one is identical to my poster, except it doesn’t include the blank space for the specific event info. This item is useful if you’re creating your own posters, banners, programs, schedules, or other printed materials for a larger event.

One-Sheet - Nathan Tricky Allen


Publicity Pics

My current “headshots” or publicity images, for use in articles, press releases, or in creating your own posters or other printed materials for your event. There are a variety of them so you can choose whichever one(s) work best for your particular purposes. They’re all PNG images in 8″x10″ dimensions (1200×1500 pixels). Feel free to crop as needed.




My logo for use in creating your own posters, banners, or other publicity materials. Available in two versions; either a high-contrast black & white, or a more “photograph” looking textured version. Both versions are PNG images and are 6000 by 3111 pixels.

Logos - Nathan Tricky Allen



This is my “biography,” which is basically a one-page description of who I am and what I do, to give people an idea of what to expect with my show. This can be used in newsletters, invitations, Facebook event page descriptions, as a basis for press release articles, etc.

Biography - Nathan Tricky Allen


Preview Video

My current “preview video” if you need to use it for whatever reason (for example, some clubs play video reels of “upcoming shows”). You can also use a video-editing program to overlay your event’s info (where there’s not already-existing text on the screen, of course), and then upload it on your own social-networking sites to spread the word. A couple options available; either a short-and-sweet teaser that’s 26 seconds (14 MB), or the full version which is 6 minutes 42 seconds (247 MB). Both are in MP4 format and in 1920×1080 resolution.

Preview Video - Nathan Tricky Allen


Onstage Intro

This is a sample “introduction,” for introducing me to the audience at the beginning of the show. In some cases, I can introduce myself, but if the structure of the show/event is such that it would be “smoother” for an emcee or another entertainer/speaker to introduce me, use this (either verbatim, or as a guideline for inspiration).

Stage Introduction - Nathan Tricky Allen