A Prank You Can Do To Screw With Your Friends

This one is pretty much pure evil… Your friends are over at your place, and they THINK they’re listening to a RADIO STATION, when the official “EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM” interrupts the music, warning the public about a deadly VIRUS that is spreading throughout America… And as they listen in horror… they learn that they’re probably ALREADY INFECTED!


Watch this video and I’ll show you what it’s all about:
(ignore the website/URL mentioned in the video – that was my old website. Use this page instead.)

An Even Better Way To Do This (Better than the CD player / iPod thing I mentioned in the video) – I just read a great idea someone had for this – use a short-range FM transmitter from a smartphone. The FM transmitters plug into your phone’s headphone jack output, and are usually about the size of a matchbox.  You can get them at truckstops and Walmarts.  The idea is, they send out a short-range FM radio signal which can be picked up by any normal radio nearby. Just covertly turn on the signal from your phone/device, and flip through the stations on the radio until you get over to the FM station your transmitter is set to… and enjoy the chaos. 🙂 This is a super convincing way to do it – probably the absolute best – especially if it’s THEIR own radio.  Enjoy.

And before you even think about downloading the MP3, read this warning:

WARNING: THIS IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. I CAN ASSUME NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR USE OR MISUSE OF THIS RECORDING. BE CAREFUL WITH THIS, AND USE GOOD JUDGEMENT. Do NOT play this for the wrong person (i.e. someone who is prone to flipping out, and/or someone who carries a loaded weapon with them). We all know “that guy” and you do NOT want someone to go bat-shit crazy and go on a shooting spree because they think everyone is gonna turn into a zombie. And, after the warning plays, please let everyone know that you are just f*)%!ng with them, that the “broadcast” was fake, and that it was all a joke… Mmkay? Mmkay… Thanks.

Ready to f*(% with your family and friends?

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MP3 Audio Download.
Running time approx 15 minutes.
128kbps bitrate. 14 MB file.