Fearing for my safety due to a disgruntled ex-employee

It is with great regret that I announce the discontinuation of Birdie’s employment in the show.

I had no choice but to fire him. He has had a very poor attitude as of late, which created a hostile work environment.

Granted, I did accidentally crush his favorite cage, but I apologized and offered to buy him a new one; he just gave me the silent treatment. Ever since then, he refused to speak to me, and refused to leave his cage. He just sat in there, silently sulking.

When I informed him that I would no longer be needing his services, he just stared at me in a threatening manner. He ignored my requests for him to leave – I had to physically remove him from the house.

He still hasn’t left the property. He’s still out there on the sidewalk, staring at me through the window (see photo, below). I think he’s trying to intimidate me. And, honestly, it’s working. I fear for my safety. There’s no telling what a disgruntled ex-employee will do – especially one who so obviously didn’t like me to begin with.

Do you think I should call the authorities?

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2 weird guys in eastern Iowa tomorrow night

Greetings, all.

Tomorrow night (Friday), my sick-and-twisted buddy, Harville, and I will be doing an open-to-the-public show in eastern Iowa… If you’re near that area, make the trek over to Wheatland to have a drink or three, and witness the sweaty, neurotic trainwreck that is our show. It’s gonna be fun. If you haven’t had the pleasure of witnessing Harville live, you must do it… as long as you’re not easily offended. By anything. Like – ANY.THING.

Details here:

Ta-ta for now.