Does Your Company’s Christmas Party Usually Suck? Here’s How *YOU* Can Help Make It DIFFERENT, FUN, And ENTERTAINING This Year!

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Most company holiday parties are pretty lame.

Most corporate holiday parties and company Christmas parties are NOT something you walk away from saying, “Wow!  This year’s Christmas party was AWESOME!”

MOST company holiday parties are kinda sedate, low-energy affairs… and oftentimes downright borrrrrrring if there’s no entertainment (or, even worse – BAD entertainment).

But it’s not the party-planning-committee’s fault. 

Those folks are often tasked with putting together a “great company Christmas party” with a limited budget, very little (if any) direction and guidance, and very little time to make it all happen.

It’s a difficult job, and they’re often at the mercy of whatever Google first shows ’em (i.e. entertainment for company party) and because they’re so pressed for time and resources they’re forced to make uninformed decisions and often end up booking sub-par entertainment (often at an inflated “agency” price).

This year, help your company’s holiday party planning committee by suggesting something DIFFERENT, FUN, and ENTERTAINING for the company holiday party… The Midwest’s #1 Craziest Adults-Only Comedy-Magic Show!

Iowa-Holiday-Party-Entertainment-Christmas-Party-Entertainment-Company-Party-Entertainment-Corporate-Entertainment-Nathan-AllenHi.  My name is Nathan Allen, a.k.a. “The Maniac of Magic.”

I’m a professional, nationally-touring comedy-magician for adult audiences.  Even though I get around, I am actually based right here in the Midwest (I live in Iowa, actually)!

I perform a high-energy, fast-moving blend of stand-up comedysleight-of-hand magic, and hilarious audience participation, all packed into an adult-oriented comedy-magic show that will have the guests at your company party laughing, applauding, having fun, feeling good, and talking for weeks to come.

And, my show is one of only a few magic shows in all of America that is both geared for adults AND funny… My show is perfect for company parties.


Experience You Can Trust


Throughout the past 20 yearsI’ve left literally THOUUUUUSANDS of people laughing their asses off, from all walks of life; doctors, farmers, lawyers, factory workers, white-collar execs, cops, biker gangs, politicians, hippies… 

I’ve entertained at special events for companies such as FordChevrolet3MHondaRadioShackU.S. CellularWal-Mart, and Facebook (to name just a few), and my nightclub appearances are too numerous to even list.  I’ve been featured on NBCABC, and PBS in the USA, and on TV-3 in Europe, have millions of views on YouTube, and am the recipient of the Justo Hijo Magic Award for entertainment value from the International Brotherhood of Magicians.  blah blah blah.  You get the point.

Holiday Party Entertainment That’s Done *WITH* The Audience Instead Of *AT* Them

interact with the audience and even bring people up onstage throughout the entire show, which makes the show unpredictablehysterical, and very entertaining, because nobody really knows what’s gonna happen (including me, lol). 

People love to see “one of their own” up there, and the participants become temporary celebrities of the night (after the show, I guarantee you’ll see the other audience members asking the volunteers if weset that up beforehand – of course we did not).

Naughty And Funny WithOUT Being Gross Or Disgusting


I’m the ONLY comedy-magician in the Midwest who specializes EXCLUSIVELY in entertaining adult audiences – and one of the very few shows of its kind in the whole country.

Most of the magicians across America essentially do KID shows, but SAY their shows are “for all ages”… don’t be fooled (it’s just embarrassing to watch them try to entertain an all-adult crowd when they’re accustomed to amusing children 90% of the time).

I, on the other hand, specialize, and *only* do “adults-only” shows.

But that does not mean “disgusting.”  I “walk the line” without crossing it.  The show is naughty and edgy, but it is NOT over-the-top offensive, obscene, or raunchy.

So the younger, crazier folks at your holiday party will dig the “edge,” but you don’t have to worry about pissing off the more conservative guests.

The Guests At Your Company Holiday Party Are Gonna Love It.  So Will You.

Here is what a couple other event planners, have said after bringing my show to THEIR company Christmas parties:

“Awesome show!  …Very entertaining, professional, and hilarious… His mix of comedy and magic was outstanding!  …His offbeat humor was great, and his illusions impressed everyone… I couldn’t stop laughing… I even had a couple tell me that they had tears rolling down their faces!
– Charter Communications; Kearney, NE

“Great entertainment – Hilarious, tons of laughs, and the magic is amazing! It was fun to see Nathan get shy people out of their shell, and seeing and hearing everyonefrom young staff to older directorslaughing hysterically!”
– CBIZ Financial Services; Minneapolis, MN

“Very entertaining and funny!”
– Corporate Business Systems; Springfield, MO

“Insanely hilarious, witty, and fun! This guy had our group CRYING from laughter… We all had a great time!”
– Havana National Bank; Havana, IL

“An adults-only comedy magician, sarcastic and funny, PERFECT for a company party!”
– Poet Biorefining; Emmetsburg, IA

“We have never had as many compliments on our party as we did this year, thanks to you! Thanks for making our party a success!”
– Roskamp Champion; Waterloo, IA

“A magician/comedian with a bit of an edge… Impressive, funny, unbelievable, engaging, very fast on his feet and interactive… Afterwards, our employees were saying things likehe was so funny,’ ‘he was really entertaining,’ and ‘bring him back!’”
– Vaughn Automotive; Ottumwa, IA

Like what you see?
Have Your People Contact My People.

BOOKING INQUIRIES 02 Nathan Allen, The Maniac of Magic Comedian Magician Entertainer Entertainment Des Moines IowaIf this looks like something the folks at your Christmas or holiday party would dig, then here’s what to do:

Simply copy-and-paste my website URL into an email, text, or Facebook message to your holiday-party-planning-people (maybe it’s the boss, or maybe there’s a committee – whoever the decision-maker is for this type of thing), and include a brief message telling them that you think bringing this entertainment to the company Christmas party looks like fun.

When I hear from your holiday party planning people, I’ll check to see if I’m available and – if so – provide them with a whole bunch of information including pricing options, and we’ll go from there.

Oh, and if it works out, let me know that it was YOU who set it into motion, and I’ll buy you a drink or three at the party. 🙂

Looking forward to hanging with you!

SIGNATURE - Nathan Allen, The Maniac of Magic - Comedian Magician Entertainer Entertainment - Des Moines, Iowa
Nathan Allen “The Maniac of Magic”
Magician / Comedian for Adult Parties and Events


If *YOU* are actually on your company’s committee, or are the boss or one of the Decision-Makers for your company holiday party, then go ahead and CLICK HERE to ask about booking me right now.  You’ll be booking DIRECTLY with ME, so we don’t have to worry about any third-party communication errors or big agency fees.  Chat soon! -N.A.



LIVE in Rockford Iowa on Friday June 12th: “The Dirty Jokes & Magic Tricks Show”

THE DIRTY JOKES AND MAGIC TRICKS SHOW poster “The Dirty Jokes & Magic Tricks Show” live at Twin Strike Emporium (124 West Main Ave. – Rockford, IA 50468) on FRIDAY, JUNE 12th, 2015. Showtime is 9:07 PM, but arrive early for drinks and good seats. Tickets are only $10 in advance, or $15 on the day of the show. LIMITED SEATING – TICKETS ON SALE NOW. Visit Twin Strike Emporium, or call 641-756-3761 to see if any tickets are left. For more information about the show, visit

Probably The Most [NSFW] Pep-Talk For Aspiring Entertainers You’ll Ever Read

Warning-Politically-IncorrectI wish I could talk to every aspiring live entertainer, one-on-one, while they’re still fresh and enthusiastic, and haven’t yet become jaded and soul-crushed.

I’d walk in, point at him, and demand, “You! Stand up. Tell me your story. What are you going to do? What are your goals? What’s your dream?”

And as he starts, I’ll cut him off with, “Shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down.”

And if he *DOES* shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down, I’ll tell him to stand the fuck back up.

I would do that because, when I was just starting, nobody ever told me to stand the fuck back up, but if someone had – as simple as it seems – it would have saved me a TON of frustration, confusion, and anger in this showbiz journey.  So I’m telling you now: stand the fuck back up.

Because showbiz is FILLED with shut-the-fuck-up-and-sit-the-fuck-down, and you can’t let something as little as shut-the-fuck-up-and-sit-the-fuck-down derail you.

You’re gonna get shut-the-fuck-up-and-sit-the-fuck-down from club owners and event-planners and booking agents, you’re gonna get shut-the-fuck-up-and-sit-the-fuck-down from more than a few unruly audiences, you’re gonna get shut-the-fuck-up-and-sit-the-fuck-down from fellow entertainers who are envious of your originality, you’re gonna get shut-the-fuck-up-and-sit-the-fuck-down from professional critics and anonymous internet douchebags alike, you’re gonna get shut-the-fuck-up-and-sit-the-fuck-down from industry suits who think they know your voice and audience better than you do, and you’re gonna get shut-the-fuck-up-and-sit-the-fuck-down from your closest family and friends when they try to convince you to walk away from your aspirations so you can be just as unhappy as they are, out of jealousy that is thinly-veiled as “caring.”

And – worst of all – you’re gonna get shut-the-fuck-up-and-sit-the-fuck-down from that little voice in your head. That’s the tough one.

But you gotta keep plugging away, keep working, keep writing, keep creating, keep experimenting, keep getting onstage, keep believing in yourself, and keep sticking to your guns, despite all the shut-the-fuck-up-and-sit-the-fuck-down.

Stand up tall… look your shut-the-fuck-up-and-sit-the-fuck-down square in the eyes… and tell it to SHUT THE FUCK UP and SIT THE FUCK DOWN.

Because you’ve got a lot of motherfuckers to prove wrong.

If you’re an entertainer… click here:
You can thank me later.

”A true great artist at heart never ceases to create, continuously amazes and keeps sharing his gift despite barriers, judgement, fears and dreaded myths. If you stopped being creative out of fear or loss of self-esteem or pride, you were never an artist first and foremost for you have ran away from your true calling.”
– Elizabeth E. Castillo

LIVE! Nathan Allen ‘The Maniac of Magic’ at The Whisky – Dubuque IA – Saturday Nov 23

POSTER LOW RES Nathan Allen The Maniac of Magic Iowa Comedian Iowa Magician Iowa Entertainer Iowa Entertainment

At a glance:

Nathan Allen, The Maniac of Magic
Part Magician. Part Comedian. Totally Dysfunctional.

The Whisky
1064 University Ave., Dubuque, IA 52001

Saturday, November 23, 2013

8:00 PM


DUBUQUE, IOWA – Part magician, part comedian, and totally dysfunctional, Nathan Allen will be bringing his highly-caffeinated blend of magic and comedy to Dubuque! Allen (dubbed “The Maniac of Magic” by his peers) will be making a stop at The Whisky (1064 University Avenue) on Saturday, November 23rd. The adult-only show will start at 8:00 PM.

Yes, Nathan Allen is a magician, but don’t be fooled – you will see NO tuxedo and NO sparkly boxes in this show. Instead, Nathan combines his twisted sense of humor, sleight-of-hand magic skills, and hilarious audience participation into one of the very few magic shows on the face of the planet that is both geared for adults AND funny.

The best trick up Nathan’s sleeve is his ability to connect with a crowd, and it’s a trick he can pull off whether he is at a corporate event or a biker bar. With a knack for being a bit naughty and tons of fun, without being offensive, Nathan’s personality-driven performances have been described as “Edgy, funny comedy and magic at its best” (Naturally Funny Entertainment; Chicago, IL), “Funny, fast-moving, unique, and very entertaining!” (Vetesnik Power Sports; Richland Center, WI), and “Action packed, funny, and unpredictable!” (Iowa Emergency Management Association; Des Moines, IA).

The International Brotherhood of Magicians recently presented Nathan with the Iowa Magic Award, based on his technical skills and entertainment value. He is the only magician ever featured in “The Grassroots Comedy Tour” and “The Dirty Jokes & Magic Tricks Show”. His entertainment services won him a full-ride business scholarship to attend college. Of the dozens of magicians in Iowa, Nathan was the only one selected to perform onstage at Iowa Governor Culver‘s Inaugural Gala. He has appeared on international television on TV3, broadcast from the United Kingdom, and has been seen here in the USA on NBC, ABC, and PBS television news programs. And yet, in a typical example of his priorities, he insists that he is most proud of being elected Class Clown.

More than just something out of thin air, Nathan’s slow-but-steady rise in the entertainment industry is the result of a 15-year, love-hate obsession with his work. He started learning magic when he was only 8 years old and did his first paid performance when he was just 12. Now, at the age of 29, Nathan has a long list of performances under his belt, for companies including 3M, Alliant Energy, Charter Communications, Honda, RadioShack, Swiss Valley Farms, and Wal-Mart, to name just a few.

Nathan is based out of Des Moines, Iowa. He drinks way too much coffee, and in his spare time, he enjoys arguing with the television… when it’s turned off.

For more information about who Nathan is and what he does, visit him on the web at For more info about Saturday’s show in Dubuque, call The Whisky at 563-557-0878.