[NEW VIDEO] Carry this secret thing in your pocket, and screw with people all day, every day

Make virtually *anything* appear to squeak, squawk, or squeal when you touch, poke, or squeeze it! Endless funny prank ideas.

As is shown in the video, you can probably assemble what you need for this in your own town, sort of a Do-It-Yourself project.

But, if you’d prefer to save the time, money, and energy, you can just order the things, ready to rock, right from me.


Here’s the deal:

Get two (2) MOUTH SQUEAKERS (each packaged separately with full instructions), for just 5 bucks.  Free shipping. Just five dollars total for TWO of these evil MOUTH SQUEAKERS delivered to your door.

Cool? Cool.

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David Copperfield’s secret embarrassing problem… EXPOSED

Not many people in the general public know this, but world-famous magician David Copperfield has long suffered from chronic flatulence. This is the reason he performs silently, to music, so often; so they can turn down his onstage microphone and he can let ‘er rip.
Here are a few clips that the audio guy recorded right from the sound-mixer in the audio booth, though.
During these silent/choreographed routines, Copperfield’s microphone audio feed is not broadcast to the audience, so most of the audience is never aware of his problem.
His touring crew and onstage assistants know, though.
They know.
They. Know.

(And, no, I did not make this video – I stumbled across it on iTricks.com)