Thirteen years after the Siegfried & Roy show abruptly closed, Fritz is still a massive coke whore.


“I… just… wanted… some… hash… browns…”

I just walked into the kitchen, and there is Curt, my roommate, standing at the open freezer with a horrified expression on his face: “I… just… wanted… some… hash… browns…”

A couple weeks ago, I filled a condom with water, tied it shut, threw it in the freezer, and totally forgot about it.  In my drunken stupor, I was sure I had just created the most genius Carrot-Top-esque comedy prop in history.  And maybe I had.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember the accompanying punchline.

So now, I have an ice-phallus, a traumatized roommate, and a head-full of half-baked ideas for necrophilia jokes.

This is shapin’ up to be a good day.

Interview on “Behind The Bricks” – Pulled muscles, sparkly costumes, and blood

LAS VEGAS SIGN AT NIGHT – Nathan Allen, The Maniac of Magic – Comedian Magician Entertainer Entertainment – Des Moines, IowaI was interviewed on the Las Vegas podcast “Behind The Bricks.”  The show is hosted by Las Vegas comic Brian Mollica, and is geared for performers and fans of stand-up comedy.

Essentially, it feels like a couple of performers talking shop backstage… We discuss the differences between performing comedy and magic, compare thoughts on interacting with audiences, gossip about other performers, share “hell gig” stories, etc.

If that type of “backstage” stuff interests you, give it a listen.

Shared with permission from “Behind The Bricks.”