Live in Chippewa Falls WI – October 14th – For The YMCA Strong Kids Campaign & Scholarship Fund



Join us for a night of casual adult entertainment at Chippewa Valley’s famous Loopy Dome. The evening will include a feast of Mexican, Italian and Wisconsin themed foods that will satisfy everyone’s palate. Your ticket will also include free beer, wine and soda during Happy Hour 5:00—6:00 pm.

This unique event offers a fun-filled night of adult entertainment all while raising funds for the YMCA Annual/Strong Kids Campaign.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

@ Loopy’s Grill and Saloon
10691 Cty. Hwy X Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

HAPPY HOUR: 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
DINNER: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
LIVE MUSIC COUNTY LINE: 8:30 pm – 12:30 am

Tickets are $40 per person, and are available at the YMCA, Loopy’s Grill & Saloon and online at Event tickets available at the door on day of event based on spaced availability. Reserve tables will be available for you and your party again this year-first reserved, closest to the stage.

Individuals unable to attend the dinner and comedian are welcome to join the event at 8:00 pm to listen to COUNTY LINE-cover charge at the door $5. Proceeds of cover charge will go to the Annual/Strong Kids Campaign.

I’m going to piss where Houdini pissed

OLD URINAL – Nathan Allen, The Maniac of Magic – Comedian Magician Entertainer Entertainment – Des Moines, IowaOn Saturday, I’m going to be in Marshalltown, performing at TC’s Pub.  I’ve been there before.  Cool people.

I was just chatting with the owner, and he let me know that he now owns the property at 207 East Main Street in Marshalltown, Iowa.

This excited me greatly.

Here is why:

There was a world-famous magician from Marshalltown, Thomas Nelson Downs.  Known as “T. Nelson Downs, The King of Koins,” Downs performed all across the world, for royalty and heads of state, around the turn of the 20th century.

Downs was the author of several classic magic books (which I’ve devoured repeatedly), and he created and perfected many sleight-of-hand techniques that are still widely used by magicians, over a hundred years later.

What I’m trying to say is…  T. Nelson Downs was kind of a big deal.

In 1912, he retired from performing and moved back to Marshalltown.  He was only in his 40s, and he had already become wealthy and achieved world-wide success.  That bastard.

Obviously a little bored with being off the road, he eventually opened a vaudeville house / movie theater, called The Casino, located at… you guessed it… 207 East Main Street.

As I mentioned above, Downs was kind of a big deal.  The residents of Marshalltown may not have known it at the time, but other world-famous magicians would frequently visit Marshalltown, just to hang out, gossip, and talk shop with the sleight-of-hand master.  Reportedly, these visitors included a number of my personal heroes: Dai Vernon, Chung Ling Soo, and Harry Houdini, among others.

Houdini.  At the peak of his success.  Hanging out in Marshalltown, Iowa.

Since the glorious days of vaudeville, the building (built in 1910) has been home to several bars and businesses – including a strip club – which have since closed, but the building is still in existence…

And I know the owner.

After I got off the phone with him, he sent a photo of a urinal (see above), and told me that not only was this the oldest urinal in Marshall County, it was also the original from the building’s 1910 construction.

“Houdini probably pissed here,” he joked.

I fell silent.

On Saturday, before my gig, I’m going to head to Marshalltown early to get a little informal tour of the building.

It will be thrilling to know that many of the most legendary magicians of history used to just “hang” in the very same building, decades ago.

Maybe I’ll stand on the worn floorboards where so many hardworking vaudeville entertainers once stood…

Maybe I’ll look out to the old mezzanine…

Maybe I’ll snap a photo of the original curtain rail, still installed in the high ceiling, that once opened and closed the shows nightly…

Maybe I’ll sit quietly and contemplate the rich history of this location and the colorful characters that once called this place home for one night at a time…

Maybe I’ll pull a silver dollar out of my pocket and stumble through a couple of sleight-of-hand techniques that were invented, perfected, and performed by T. Nelson Downs himself…


But first things first.

I’m going to piss where Houdini pissed.

Ruptured eardrums and broken fingers

Got some new toys for the show today…

The first is a brand-spankin’ new sound system to take on the road.  I’ve been playing with it all afternoon, and… I love it. It is AMAZING. If you’re in the market for a portable sound system that packs a punch, I highly recommend the YAMAHA STAGEPAS™ 500:

In fact, the music store I bought it through was so impressed with it (they had never had one in-stock before, so they tested mine when it arrived), that they said they were going to stop carrying “similar” (they’re not even close) “competing” (it’s not even a competition) portable sound systems and start carrying just *this* one. They were gushing, basically.  It’s an incredible piece of equipment for the traveling performer.

The other toy I got for the show today is… ummm… one of those very inhumane steel-jaw leg-hold animal traps.

Don’t judge me.

You know the type of trap I’m talking about, the ones where steel jaws slam shut when the trigger is activated, slashing the skin and breaking the bones of whichever poor innocent creature happens to get too close.

I don’t want to post the photos here, but if you’re sick and twisted, check out Google Images for “coyote leg trap” to see some pretty disturbing photos of the new toy I’ve been playing with.

Fuck it.  If you’re brave, here is a photo:

I already have several (hopefully not permanent) injuries from this evil device, and I’ve only owned it for a few hours.

Stay tuned for the imminent announcements of ruptured eardrums and broken fingers.

Love youse. Take care.


School shooting? Blame the music!

So… I just turned on the TV and, as I do most mornings, flipped through the various circle-jerk news networks.  Every channel is focusing on the school shooting in Chardon, Ohio.

Identical to the aftermath of the Columbine tragedy, some old white “expert” was interviewed, and this jackass is trying to place the blame squarely on music.

Gimmie a friggin’ break.

Watch this quick interview with Marilyn Manson, from Michael Moore’s “Bowling For Columbine” documentary.  Love him or hate him (personally, I love him), you’ve got to admit that Manson makes some very solid points… Especially his very last sentence.