Champaign, New Hampton, and scabs

I have two open-to-the-public shows this weekend, with my buddy Harville; Friday we’ll be at JonEB’s Bar & Grill in Champaign, Illinois, and on Saturday we’ll be partying at Big Ed’s Firehouse in New Hampton, Iowa.

If you’re in either of those areas, come on out and say hello.

I’ll let you touch the scabs on my new tattoos.

CARD TATTOOS - Nathan Allen, The Maniac of Magic - Comedian Magician Entertainer Entertainment  - Des Moines, Iowa

Get more details about the shows HERE.


Why I love Ash Wednesday

Today is the day that a large number of Catholics will wake up, a bit hungover from last night’s Mardi Gras festivities, walk to the kitchen with the morning-after-munchies… only to blurt out profanities when they realize that they are supposed to “fast” today, in observation of Ash Wednesday.

This brings me great joy.

Happy Ash Wednesday, folks.