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I just got pranked harder than I’ve ever been pranked. Ever.

SLEEPING Nathan Allen The Maniac of Magic Iowa Magician Iowa Comedian Iowa Entertainer Iowa Entertainment

I got pranked so hard this morning. My g/f, Sara, sends me this photo, says she received it last night, demanding to know who this woman is, and freaking the fuck out.

(A) I was alone last night, (B) I’m not a cheater, and (C) I don’t even recognize the woman.

So I’m in full-on panic mode, especially after several stalker-esque emails I’ve been receiving, AND all of my underwear disappeared from my home recently (not even kidding). I’m physically shaking because someone has taken the casual-stalking a bit too far, there were strangers in my room while I slept, and my love hates me and thinks I cheated.

After much dedicated jealous & angry acting on Sara’s part, I find out that she and her friend, Jackie, had snuck into the house around 4am and took the photo (I didn’t recognize Jackie in the pic) without waking me with their giggling (I was snoring pretty hard), and left.

So hard.
I was pranked so, so hard.

Sara: 1
Nathan: 0

Northeast Iowa Magician, Featured on Norwegian TV, Returns to Decorah

ELKS LODGE - DECORAH IOWA - AUGUST 10 – Nathan Allen, The Maniac of Magic – Comedian Magician Entertainer Entertainment – Des Moines, IowaPart magician, part comedian, and totally dysfunctional, Nathan Allen will be bringing his highly-caffeinated blend of magic and comedy back to Decorah!  Allen (dubbed “The Maniac of Magic” by his peers) will be making a stop at the Elks Lodge (402 W. Main Street, Decorah, IA) on Friday, August 10th.  The adult-only show is scheduled to begin at 8:00pm, and is open to the public.

Yes, Nathan Allen is a magician, but don’t be fooled – you will see NO rabbit, NO tuxedo, and NO sparkly boxes in this show.  Instead, Nathan combines his twisted sense of humor, sleight-of-hand magic skills, and hilarious audience participation into one of the very few magic shows on the face of the planet that is both geared for adults AND funny.

An audience favorite at a wide range of shows throughout the Midwest, from corporate events to biker bars, Nathan’s personality-driven performances have been described as “Edgy, funny comedy and magic at its best” (Naturally Funny Entertainment; Chicago, IL), “Funny, fast-moving, unique, and very entertaining!” (Vetesnik Power Sports; Richland Center, WI), and “Action packed, funny, and unpredictable!” (Iowa Emergency Management Association; Des Moines, IA).

The International Brotherhood of Magicians recently presented Nathan with the Iowa Magic Award, based on his technical skills and entertainment value.  He was the only magician featured in “The Grassroots Comedy Tour” and in “The Super Bowl of Stand-Up.”  His entertainment services won him a full-ride business scholarship to attend college.  Of the dozens of magicians in Iowa, Nathan was the only one selected to perform onstage at Iowa Governor Culver‘s Inaugural Gala.  His corporate clients include 3M, Alliant Energy, Charter Communications, Honda, RadioShack, U.S. Cellular, Yellowbook, and Wal-Mart, to name just a few.

Most recently, Nathan was featured on television in Norway, with Norwegian TV stars Dansken & Fingern.  “It was for a reality-comedy show, and we played a prank on one of the hosts,” says Nathan. “The producers had advertised a magic show by Fingern all over town, and he did not know about it until about 20 minutes before showtime.  He had absolutely no experience performing magic, and yet he had an audience waiting to be amazed.  I gave him a very intense crash-course, and then we did a show together.  I even got him to wear a ridiculous cheap magician costume, complete with a top hat, sparkly vest, and cape.  The audience was happy, there were a lot of laughs, and it was a LOT of fun.”

Originally from Postville, Nathan is currently based out of Des Moines.  He drinks way too much coffee, and in his spare time, he enjoys making comments at his television… when it’s turned off.

For more information about who Nathan is and what he does, visit him on the web at ManiacOfMagic.com.  For more information about the August 10th show in Decorah, call the Elks Lodge at 563-382-4318.