iTricks: The Harsh Truth About Life On The Road [NSFW]

I read the news-for-magicians website iTricks pretty often, and was pleasantly surprised to see my face pop up on one of their posts a few days ago.

Clicky clicky:

The Harsh Truth About Life On The Road [NSFW]

2015.02.23 - itricks article


My “Inside The Magicians Studio” interview (NEW VIDEO)

I was recently interviewed by my long-time magician friend, Jonathan May ( à la “Inside The Actors Studio” (only for magicians), before a live audience of magicians and magic enthusiasts (professionals, part-timers, hobbyists, and amateurs), at a club meeting of The International Brotherhood of Magicians (, ring #167 in Des Moines, Iowa (  Here’s the video:

Gallagher’s watermelon-smashing heart-attack table

The table I used at my show the other night used to be one of Gallagher’s “Sledge-O-Matic” tables. True story, yo.

GALLAGHER SLEDGE O MATIC TABLE Nathan Allen The Maniac of Magic Iowa Comedian Iowa Magician Iowa Entertainer Iowa Entertainment
In fact… it was the exact same table he was using when he had his heart-attack onstage in the middle of his show:

Scary stuff.