To The Magicians Who Are Upset By “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone”

BURT WONDERSTONE Nathan Allen The Maniac of Magic Comedian Magician Entertainer Entertainment Des Moines IowaTo The Magicians Who Are Upset By “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone”:

I understand that a lot of magicians are all butt-hurt over the new “Burt Wonderstone” film because magicians are being portrayed as cheesy, corny, and socially awkward.

Look, you humorless twats: stereotypes about magicians came from SOMEWHERE, and I’ll bet my left nut that if YOU are upset by this, you are EXACTLY who the film was making fun of.

Smash all your sparkly magic boxes, use the wood to build a bridge, and get over it… because if you can’t laugh at yourself, the rest of us will gladly do it for you.

That is all.

Nathan Allen


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