Tricks You Can Do

Screw With Your Friends!  It’s Fun!

Here, you can learn some tricks and pranks that YOU CAN DO to amaze, amuse, and freak out your friends, family, or co-workers.  Enjoy!

The Card Trick That Wins You Free Drinks

How to get a free beer, in any bar you walk into, in any town, in the entire country… for the rest of your life. This is not an exaggeration. Every time you do this trick, you can get a free beer.

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Crack Your Knuckles Crazy Loud

It almost looks & sounds like you’re breaking your fingers. The gross-out factor in this one is high.

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How To Eat Glue

Eating glue: it’s not JUST for kids these days.
I actually use this one in my live shows sometimes.

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Zombie Apocalypse Radio Prank

This one is pretty much pure evil… Your friends are over at your place, and they THINK they’re listening to a RADIO STATION, when the official “EMERGENCY ALERT SYSTEM” interrupts the music, warning the public about a deadly VIRUS that is spreading throughout America… And as they listen in horror… they learn that they’re probably ALREADY INFECTED!

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Blow Your Nose Like a Cartoon Character

This is just silly… but it sure does get a laugh!

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The Vehicle Burglary Prank

This is one of the world’s greatest, funniest practical jokes.

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Squeak ALL The Things

Make virtually *anything* appear to squeak, squawk, or squeal when you touch, poke, or squeeze it! Endless funny prank ideas.

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Eat Broken Glass

As your friends watch, you deliberately smash a drinking glass, pick up a shard of glass, and loudly eat it… It’s just a trick, of course… but your friends didn’t know that, and they didn’t try to stop you. WTF is up with that?

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